Unique, Fun & Educational Playing Cards

Playing a “Trump” card is all about playing the best possible hand that you are dealt with in life!

Our cards are designed to help adults and children to expand their knowledge on different subjects while having fun and enjoying a game with family and friends.
We have developed different packs that are available for purchase from our store.  We can also design and develop packs of cards customized for your business, school or group.
PlayATrumpCard playing cards are perfect as corporate gifts to give to clients.  They act as a constant business card with your business information and logo proudly printed on the back of the card, with product information, testimonials and images on the front.  It is fun to be able to choose your own impactful Trump Card/Joker Card image. 
Educational options include regular sized cards as well as larger flash card versions to help teachers and educators to work with students.
On a more personal note, we have developed unique cards to celebrate family weddings, graduations, christenings and birthdays.  Our designers can take your images and incorporate them into a fun pack of commemorative playing cards for your family and friends.

Corporate Gifts


Family Gifts


Race to the White House 2020

(click on the state card to view)

Impeachment Set – The Trump Impeachment

(click on Adam Schiff to view)

Our Inaugural Set – The Trump Administration

(click on the Trump card to view)

Weddings & Anniversaries – A Unique Guest Gift

(click on the Trump card to view)

Celebrate your Teens Graduation!

(click on the card to view)

Unique and Customized

Dave Chappelle Sayings

(click on the “Dave” card to view)

Ellen DeGeneres – Career & LGBT

(click on the “Dave” card to view)

The Serano Tribe

(click on the “Serano” card to view)

Cahuilla Tribe

(click on the “Cahuilla” card to view)

Steve Harvey

(click on the “Cahuilla” card to view)

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